Seasonal Rates

In Season Monthly Rates

October 15th, 2018 to April 30th, 2019

  • Monthly rates are calculated on a 30-day stay basis.
  • All rates are based on a party of two.
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • 12.5% sales tax is not included in rates shown.

The following monthly rate schedule varies depending on the number of months you wish to stay. To qualify for a multi-month discount rate, the total number of months you play to stay must be paid at check-in

Full Hook-up Site

# of Months Per Month Discount Savings
1 Month Stay $3,240 10% $360
2 Month Stay $3,060 15% $1,080
3 Month Stay $2,880 20% $2,160
4 Month Stay $2,700 25% $3,600

Monthly In-Season Reservation Policy

Beginning October 15, 2018, monthly reservations during our "Winter" In Season dates (October 15th to April 30th) will require a deposit of $500/month with 20% of the deposit non-refundable. Reservations will still be made up to one year to the day in advance and continue to be on a first come first serve basis. Reservation requests to push back the arrival date will result in the reservation being canceled and a new reservation may be made subject to the existing waiting list and availability. As always, every effort will be made to keep you in your requested or preferred campsite.

Off Season Monthly Rates

May 1, 2019 to October 14th, 2019

Date Range Site Type Monthly Rate
5/1/19 - 10/14/19 Inland Full Hook-up Site $2,000
5/1/19 - 10/14/19 Waterfront Full Hook-up Site $2,110
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