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Life and Times - Preface

Life & Times Of Boyd Hamilton

A few years ago, when I retired from running the Campground on a day to day basis, I had an opportunity to reflect over the past many years of my lifetime. What a full life I have lived. I began to realize that not even those closest to me know the full extent of my adventures - and so I began to write down my experiences. It has become quite a project! But these stories represent more than simply my life story. They are a permanent record of a way of life long since passed. A time when people saw things from a different perspective, when things were done differently, and opportunities were very much different.

Furthermore, perhaps the reader will get acquainted in some small way with some of the fine people I have known. My Parent and my Grandparents and others that are now long since gone. Finally, these stories are a tribute to my family, especially my wife, and others I have met along the way. These have all helped shape my life into the full and adventurous and prosperous life I have lived. It has been and still is a great life!

I hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I can assure you that I have tried and I think I have been successful in keeping out any pornography, vulgarity, profanity or stretching of the truth and have written all these stories as I remembered them or as the way the world appears to me.

Boyd Hamilton

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